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Some Examples of Reports


  ♦  Financial Statements

  ♦  Supplementary Financial Data

  ♦  Production Reports

  ♦  Contracts / Sales Forms

  ♦  Inventory Reports

  ♦  Certified Payroll Reporting

  ♦  Union Payroll Reports

  ♦  Forecasting

  ♦  Cash Flow Analysis

  ♦  Rosters / Headcount Reports

  ♦  Customer / Vendor Aging

  ♦  Sales Analysis

  ♦  Cost Accounting Reports

  ♦  Overhead Analysis

  ♦  Wage / Salary Analysis

  ♦  Payroll Liability Reports

  ♦  Work In Process Report

  ♦  Completed Contracts Schedule

  ♦  Graphical Analysis

  ♦  Project / Job Cost Reporting

  ♦  Company Specific Forms

  ♦  And much much more!


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Everybody knows that no two businesses are the same.  Most ERP packages offer an array of reports that are helpful, but are not really tailored to your business’ needs.  Some reports are financial but are written by programmers without a financial background. 

If any of the answers to the folowing questions are "yes" then you may need WGT Services:

  1. Do you find that your month end close is excruciatingly long?Do you want quicker financial results?

  2. Does your reporting identify areas of profit fade early in the project or after the fact when it is too late?

  3. Does your accounting team spend more time re-inputting data into Excel or additional databases rather than letting the source data drive your financials?

  4. Are numerous work-arounds or off-of the books entries made in order to get your reporting to conform to your ERP system?

  5. Are countless hours wasted doing data input whereas an upload could do the work in minutes?

  6. Have you recently acquired a new ERP and are unsatisfied with the “canned” reports that have come with it?

  7. Has your company put out incorrect information (internal or external) because of an Excel formula or formatting error?

  8. Are the financial statements and accompanying schedules (WIP, Current Year Earnings, etc.) produced and run through Excel when they could be generated at the push of a button?

  9. Is your ERP fully utilizing the User Defined Fields options, or is this ancillary information sitting in a separate spreadsheet that someone has to maintain?

WGT Services offers custom reports either through Crystal Reports, BI, Excel or Report Builder.  Most of clients are connected to the Construction industry.  WGT Services has developed reports in the following ERP systems:

  • Vista Viewpoint

  • Vista Spectrum (formerly Dexter & Chaney)

  • Sage 300 (formerly Timberline)

  • Foundation

  • B2B

  • ProCore

  • And others

Accreditations:  Certified Public Account, CCIFP (Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional), MTA – SQL Database Fundamentals


Report Writing  ●  Procedure Review  ●  Annual Audit Preparation  ●  Financial Statement Design 

ERP Integration Assistance  ●  SQL Queries  ●  Crystal Reports  ●  Consulting Services


Please indicate in the area below which ERP System that you currently use and the type of work your company does (General Contractor, Mechanical, Environmental, etc...).  I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Your details were sent successfully!  ♦  (530) 632-9795  ♦  4415 Pacific St. , Omaha, NE 68105  ♦  Nebraska CPA Lic. #59099  ♦   CCIFP Cert #427

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